Guangzhou Bars

Bar Area in Guangzhou

Bars Areas in Guangzhou

Party Pier Image at night
Party Pier

With Guangzhou been the 5th most populous city in China with 25 million people, there are many bar/restaurant areas scattered throughout the city. This blog will mainly focus on the areas that westerners/visitors tend to frequent.

Party Pier – is Guangzhou’s biggest party area, a former brewery, the owners decided to turn in into a one stop entertainment area with many different Restaurants, Bar and Nightclubs of different themes and décor. Easy to get to by taxi as all the taxi drivers know it as Party (Pronounced Par-tee) it is located on the south bank of the Pearl River.

Zhejiang Newtown – where we are located have a lot of Chinese & Foreign Restaurants & Bars. One street in particular called Huajia Lu is popular with locals and expats due to the varied business. With everything from British Pub Food, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican as well as local Chinese restaurants. ATOC is located on this street.

Canton Place – Is another lively area in Guangzhou with many Restaurants and Bars. Having a family friendly atmosphere, it is busy in the weekends. Established in 2009, The Canton Place is an international residential area complete with a blend of fine dining, luxury stores and leisure activities. Canton Place has distinguished itself as one of Guangzhou’s supreme outdoor plazas that fuses Chinese and Western characteristics.

These are the 3 most popular areas and I will break them down with what Food & Beverage business’s are currently open in these areas in further posts.

Guangzhou Bars

Bars & Restaurants to visit at Party Pier

Bars & Restaurants to visit at Party Pier

Below are the Expat favorites at Party Pier, there are other venues but many of them aren’t keen on have non-local customers and there is a high chance you will be turned away at the door hence the reason I focus on the venues that Expats frequent.

Jojo's Terrace at Night
Jojo’s Terrace
Jojo’s Bar & Restaurant

Set on top of the popular Party Pier, with uninterrupted 360° views over The Canton Tower, The Pearl River, Lide Bridge, The CBD and Wanshengwei, Covering 2 floors wih the 1st been an inside space and the 2nd been the terrace area. One of the biggest Terraces in Guangzhou with a DJ playing chilled house most nights. Most of the clientele are locals but it can get a good mix of locals and expats on the 1st floor where they hold regular events.

Happy Monk

Happy Monk is a cross between a bar and restaurant serving the same

Happy Monks Entrance
Happy Monk at Party Pier

favorites you find in any reputable similar business back home. Founded in 2009 they now have several establishment’s scattered throughout the city. Pazhou Happy Monk can be found in front of Jojo’s, as there are 5 or 6 others scattered around the city. More on the other locations later.

Zapatas Mexican Restaurant & Bar
Show Zapatas Atmosphere
Band playing at Zapatas

Can be found at the front of Happy Monk as you enter Party Pier, originally founded in Shanghai, the concept was bought down to Guangzhou after the Shanghai location was forced to shut.

Having both a ground floor and Terrace the ground floor is the party bar featuring Mexican Décor, the party kicks off there about 10pm with a live band and DJ playing to 3am. The Terrace is the chill out area where you can enjoy their Mexican inspired dishes.

Suns Nightclub

Found just past The Happy Monk is one of the old school clubs, its

SUNS Dance Floor
Suns Nightclub

been operating longer than 10 years and draws both Chinese & Expats to drink and dance the night away to party house, RNB and Hip Hop. With both high table seating in the middle and seated lounge areas on the side, a big island bar at one end and the dance floor & DJ box at the other. Open 7 nights a week

Fuels Terrace Area
Fuel Terrace Area

An inspired French restaurant with an uber-cool bar and rooftop lounge in Party Pier, this fine two-floor spread is chic and swanky, with avant-garde furnishings and a classy vibe that transports you to what is to come. Fuels entrance can be found opposite Zappatas where you then take the elevator upstairs.

Fuel by: Greg Louraichi / Rooftop Culture

Cube Club

New kid on the block similar to Suns but brand new and more dedicated to house music, it hasn’t been open long enough for me to be able to give details. Located between Zapatas and Happy Monk.

Party Pier Address is: Zhujiang Party Pier, Yuejiang Xi Lu, Haizhu District (广州市海珠区阅江西路珠江琶醍啤酒园A区21铺) Guangzhou

Guangzhou Bars

Canton Place

Canton Place
Canton Place outdoor seating
Canton Place

Established in 2009, The Canton Place is an international residential area complete with a blend of fine dining, luxury stores and leisure activities. After more than 10 years in the making, the Canton Place has distinguished itself as one of Guangzhou’s supreme outdoor plazas that fuses Chinese and Western characteristics. 

More Coming Soon: I need to find out whats open, closed etc

Guangzhou Bars

Huajia Lu – Zhejiang Newtown – Bars

Huajia Lu – Zhejiang Newtown – Bars

One of Guangzhou’s most popular bar streets – More info coming shortly but at time of writing all these venues are still operating.

Bravo Bar Outside
Bravo Bar Outside

With 34 taps, Bravo has a range of craft beers produced by their brewery, word on the street is the father owned the brewery and the son decided to open his own craft beer bar. They have a range of Bar food available from burgers to wings. They also run the yearly Bravo Beer festival, which brings together China’s micro-brewery to one place in Guangzhou, so beer connoisseurs get to taste the wide range of craft beers.

Social & Co
Social & Co Entrance
Social & Co Entrance

A cross between a Café and Bar while been intimate and relaxed, Social & Co offers homemade type dishes not normally found in other establishments, sausage rolls, with a mixed clientele and a firm favorite of our LGBT community. Full drinks menu available including a decent wine list.

Morgans Bar Entrance Guangzhou
Morgans Entrance

One of the biggest and longest surviving pubs in Guangzhou, covering 2 floors, the 1st floor is in the classic British pub style with both low and high tables as well as fixed sofa type seating so you can relax and order traditional British pub food as well as other dishes from their extensive food menu. 2nd floor is more the party floor with a pool table and multiple screens to catch all the sport. Great selection of beer, wine and cocktails have you covered drink wise.

Atoc Bar Entrance Guangzhou
Atoc Entrance

Yes, this is where we are located, check out our website for details on what we have to offer our customers.

Banditos Bar Entrance Guangzhou
Banditos Entrance

Our local Mexican Cantina, with the classic Mexican décor and Menu. Grab some Tacos or Fajitas and Margarita and choose a seat inside or out. An extensive food and drink menu available for you to choose from. I recommend their prawn cocktail as its one of my favorites.